Water For Development


The General Studies Division (GSD) is the functional division for designing and conducting short courses to extend the water related technology to industries and end users. It is committed to the practical training of Engineers, Scientists, Technologists and Technicians equipped with skills for translating scientific and technological knowledge in integrated water resources management for the nation.

The Mandates of the general studeies are:

  1. To design and execute training programme in the Division
  2. To liaise with the Deputy Director (Training) in the design and conduct of Training to extend the technology to industries and end users
  3. To encourage staff and students to make academic publications and attend related seminars, workshops, and conferences
  4. To offer technical assistance in the area of Continuing Training
  5. Without prejudice, the Division shall be responsible for the growth and development of all units/sectors of related academic specially within the Department
  6. To plan and conduct industrial practical tours as deemed necessary for teaching and learning

Below are the Units under the Division:

  1. Short Courses Unit
  2. NWRCB Network Unit
  3. Partnerships Unit

The enclosed short courses are lined up for the year 2008.  All the courses present an internal coherence gearing towards motivation of the participants to acquire the necessary skill and knowledge for their jobs.

Executive Director

Dr. Emmanuel Adanu
Executive Director