This Division is saddled with the responsibility of carrying the following activities:

  1. Conduct applied research in areas of water resources management especially in flood control, irrigation, drainage, erosion, sedimentation, and land reclamation;
  2. Build professional capacities in the water sector in acquiring skills in new methods and techniques;
  3. Promote the establishment of uniform data gathering system for water resources planning and management; and
  4. Provide technical services in areas of land and water resources planning, development, and management.

The following are the research and assessment activities carried out and/or on-going:

 a. Flood Assessment studies carried out:

  1. 2006 flood event in Gusau, Zamfara State
  2. 2010 flood event in Sokoto and Kebbi States
  3. 2011 flood event in Ibadan, Oyo State
  4. 2015 flood event in Kaduna, Kaduna State

 b. Reservoir Sedimentation Studies carried out at:

  1. ABU College of Agriculture Dam, Mando, Kaduna
  2. Kangimi Dam, Igabi LGA, Kaduna State
  3. Bakalori Dam, Zamfara State
c. Water Demand and Assessment Study carried out in:
  1. Galma Basin, Kaduna State
d. Catchment Management Studies carried out in:
  1. Rigasa Catchment, Kaduna State
e. Establishment of River Gauging Stations at:
  1. Malali and Kaduna South Waterworks, Kaduna, Kaduna State
f. Hydro-meteorological Monitoring in Kaduna & Environs:
  1. Monitoring and collection of stream flow data from the established gauging stations;
  2. Monitoring and collection of meteorological data from the hydromet stations established in the 10 Secondary Schools within Kaduna town;
  3. Training and supporting 10 Geography Clubs established In the 10 Secondary Schools within Kaduna town; and
  4. Construction and installation of bench mark at every 1 m of identified Cross Section for 46km of Kaduna River terminating at River Turbo (at Kudendan village), the last major tributary of the river.

The following are the planned and on-going research activities in the next five years:

a. Geo-Spatial Application for Watershed Management Studies in Kaduna Basin;

b. Reservoir Sedimentation Assessment in:

  1. Zobe Dam in Katsina State,
  2. Liberty Dam in Plateau State,
  3. Itapaji Dam in Ekiti State, and
  4. Doma Dam in Nasarawa State);
c. River Training and Sediment Transport Assessment in:
  1. Benue River System, and
  2. Kaduna River System;
d. Viability Assessment of Irrigation Schemes in:
  1. Lower Benue River Basin Development Authority, and
  2. Sokoto-Rima River Basin Development Authority;
e. Erosion Assessment and Control Studies in:
  1. Anambra State, and
  2. Edo State;
f. Design and construction of a training and demonstration irrigation scheme in the Institute's land at Farin Gida (1 km from the Institute).